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Our Mission

"The philosophy, vision, mission and objectives behind everything we do"


The philosophy of Roscrea Credit Union is one based on thrift, mutual self help and respect. It seeks to empower its members, through the provision of financial and other services in an equitable and fair manner, to enhance the quality of their lives and the communities within which they live.


Roscrea Credit Unionís vision is to understand the financial needs of its members and to seek to satisfy those needs on a co-operative basis through the provision of appropriate quality services to the benefit of its members and the community at large.


Roscrea Credit Unionís mission is to provide a range of services appropriate to its members and to deliver these through a professionally run organisation in an effective and efficient manner, while maintaining and enhancing its contribution to the community which it serves.


  • To make the community aware of the products & services we provide
  • To promote good savings, lending, and money management practices
  • To enhance growth of our credit union
  • To enhance our professional image in the community
  • To provide a quality service in a cost effective manner
  • To increase return on investment