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Membership Report 2005

"Membership Report 2005"

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The membership of Roscrea Credit Union has increased by approx 900 new members in the past year. This is another excellent performance, of which the membership committee are very proud.  Initiatives such as our revamped newsletter and our continuous involvement in many of the local community’s events and activities have greatly helped with our substantial increase in membership year after year.

We encourage all members of Roscrea Credit Union to introduce new members.  We would also appreciate if you would inform any potential new members that under legislation with regard the Money Laundering Act all new members are now requested to produce Full ID before they can be accepted as members of Roscrea Credit Union.  This is no different to any other financial institution in the country.

We are delighted that Roscrea Credit Union continue to provide an excellent counter service, 6 days per week. Indeed, it is also gratifying to note that usage of our website has also increased.  The website www.roscreacu.ie allows members view their balances and apply for loans etc from the comfort of their own living room.  If you have not received your PIN number that allows you access to the members section of the website then please do so and start enjoying the benefits of this wonderful service.  All this year’s AGM reports will be available on www.roscreacu.ie from Wednesday the 21st of December.


We would, again, like to highlight to members the importance of completing nomination forms on sole accounts. These nomination forms allow us to:

Distribute up to €12,700.00 to the nominee, with the balance to the deceased’s estate.

If the nomination is not completed, the Board can only distribute €6,350.00 to whom the Board deems to be entitled to receive these proceeds.

At Roscrea Credit Union our goal is to provide for our members “The Real Deal”.  It is our unique values that allow us to achieve this.  These core values are, fairness, integrity, responsibility, leadership and continuous improvement.  With a wide range of products designed for Real People wanting real financial solutions, Roscrea Credit Union is the only real alternative for your needs.

Childrens Accounts:

Parents are advised that when an account is in the name of the child, the child has access to the account as soon as he/she can give the necessary receipts i.e sign his/her name.  Parents are advised that if they do not want the child to have access to the funds they should open a separate account in their names.   The Parents can decide to transfer the funds to the Childs Account whenever they see fit.

We would like to thank the staff of the Credit Union for their support during the past year and look forward to another increase in membership in the year ahead.

Membership Committee
Patsy Treacy, Liam Phelan, Brian King & Denis Shanahan.