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"The Credit Union offer a range of services to our members"

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Regular saving will build up a tidy lump sum quicker than you think
It may be in your interest to take out a loan, rather than withdraw from your savings
Foreign Exchange
For competitive rates on foreign currencies for travellers

Insurance Products

For An Online Car, Travel, Or Home Insurance Quote Please click Here

Loan Protection Insurance
For repayment of your loan in the event of your death
Life Savings Insurance
Where your regular saving can provide for your life insurance
Payment Protection Insurance
For protecting your loan repayments in the event you are unable to work
Death Benefit Insurance
Help ease the burden on your family and allay the costs of a funeral
CUsafe Insurances
Home, Motor, Travel, Pet & Health Insurance
Health Insurance Group Scheme
Look after your health insurance and you will be looking after your health

Credit Union Fees

Click on the document below to check our fees.
Note:  All fees are subject to change
We have two fees documents.  The first fee document relates to members and the second fee document is for business accounts.

ClickDownload A Guide To General Fees & Charges For Members (110.8kb)

ClickDownload A Guide To Fees & Charges For Businesses (84.5kb)

’When acting as an insurance intermediary, Roscrea Credit Union Limited is regulated by the Central Bank as a Multi-Agency intermediary.’