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Life Savings Insurance

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Life Savings Insurance

This is provided by Roscrea Credit Union in an effort to encourage new members and its existing members to save regularly.

The amount of insurance benefit to which a member is entitled depends upon the members age at date of lodgement (see below).

Age Limits

You must be under the age of 70 and actively at work or if not working then in good health. Any amount saved after 70 years of age is not insurable.


When you save in a Credit Union your money entitles you to life savings insurance benefit of up to a maximum of 3000.00 on your savings. Nb! This does not include deposit (growth) accounts. Please contact Roscrea Credit Union for full details and eligibility conditions.


0-55 years - 100% insurance benefit
55-60 years - 75% insurance benefit
60-65 years - 50% insurance benefit
65-70 years - 25% insurance benefit.

  • Example: Euro 634.87 saved before age 55 will have an insurance benefit of Euro 634.87 (i.e. 500*100%)
  • Example: Euro 634.87 saved between 65 and 70 will have an insurance benefit of Euro 158.72 (i.e. 500*25%)

Contact Roscrea Credit Union for further details