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Payment Protection Insurance

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Why PPI   ?
•   Regular premium payments
•   No Lump Sum payment up front(No extra Interest)
•   Built to suit members’ needs
•   Accident, Sickness & Involuntary Unemployment
•   Affordable & flexible
•   No medical questions asked
•   Issued immediately
•   Application Process only takes a few minutes

Freedom From Worry &
Peace of Mind

Taking out a loan? Protect it!

Whether you’re borrowing money for a holiday, a new car or home improvements, obtaining a loan can involve a long-term financial commitment. How will you manage to keep up your loan repayments if you have an accident, illness or find yourself unemployed? By covering the loan with Payment Protection Insurance, you can be free from the worry of repaying it if you were to suffer an illness or become disabled or unemployed.

• Payment Protection Insurance
From a Reliable Source, Your Credit Union

• Payment Protection Insurance
Offers Excellent Cover

What’s the Next Step?

To protect your loan with Payment Protection Insurance from MEMBERS Financial Services, simply ask a Roscrea Credit Union representative about the insurance when you apply for a loan.


Contact Roscrea Credit Union for further details

’When acting as an insurance intermediary, Roscrea Credit Union Limited is regulated by the Central Bank as a Multi-Agency intermediary.’