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Member Cash Draw

"Join now, and you could be a winner"

Cash Draw  Extravaganza

What Could You Do If You Were A Winner?

You could buy a car, treat yourself to a holiday, do up the house, clear the bills, the choice is yours. The more people that enter the greater the prize fund. Our “Cash Draw Extravaganza” takes place every quarter. To date the draw has been a phenomenal success. The cost of the draw is €10.00 every quarter. To join you must be a member of Roscrea Credit Union.

All you have to do is call into the credit union ask for a cash draw authorisation form and fill in your details. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will post a cash draw application form out to you. All you have to do is return the form to Roscrea Credit Union at your earliest convenience.

The draw is non profit so all surplus funds are used for the purchase of bigger and better prizes. The more members we have participating in the draw, the more spectacular the draw will become. So please don’t delay and join today.

Roscrea Credit Union always welcomes new members. Once you join Roscrea Credit Union you can join the cash draw straight away. Apart from joining the draw, Roscrea Credit Union membership gives you the right to avail of a magnitude of products and services many of which you can read about on this website. So go on do yourself a favour and join Roscrea Credit Union today. You know it makes sense.

Cash Draw Prizes Depend On The Funds Available To Us Each Quarter.  Typically past quarterly prizes were 1st prize: €10,000.00 2nd prize: €4000.00  3rd prize €3000.00  4th prize €2000.00 5th Prize €1500.00  In addition we have five additional prizes of €1000.00 each

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Terms & Conditions

Members of Roscrea Credit Union Limited (hereinafter called “The Credit Union”) are eligible to join members cash draws subject to the rules set out below.


1. The draw has been running since September 2004 and continues quarterly until such time as the Board of Directors of the Credit Union (hereinafter called “The Board”) deems otherwise.  In the event of insufficient support by members, or if the Board decides, the initial and any subsequent draw may be postponed, changed, canceled or discontinued by the Board and in such event, the entrance fees collected may at the Board’s discretion be applied to subsequent draws or refunded to the participating members.

2. Financial accounts will be prepared each year to the end of the credit union financial year and will be audited by the internal auditor and/or external auditor appointed by the Credit Union.

3. Each Draw will be self-financing. The amount and number of prizes will be determined after the deduction has been made from eligible members’ accounts on a quarterly basis. Any surplus funds will be disposed of by way of extra draws for prizes decided by the Board when the last draw is run each year. Draw deductions will also cover the cost of advertising and running the draw. 


4. To be eligible for a draw a member must, at least two weeks before the holding of the draw:
a) be eighteen years or over;
b) have provided written consent to the credit union for inclusion in the draw;
c) have sufficient funds in his / her unattached savings account (i.e. savings not being used as security for a loan) as determined by the Board to pay the entry fee for the draw;
d) the entrance fee of €10 per quarter will be deducted in advance from unattached savings or as defined from time to time by the Board of Directors.
e) with effect from April 2017, cash draw applications on behalf of joint accounts will require both signatures where such accounts require both signatures to transact. 
f) clubs/societies are not eligible to participate.

5. A member’s participation will cease:-
a) When his / her savings have fallen below the amount required under clause 4(c);
b) On receipt by the Credit Union of a signed instruction from the member withdrawing from the draw;
c) On cessation of membership of the Credit Union - in such event, any prepaid entry fee shall be refunded to the member.

6. All directors, board oversight committee, staff and volunteers are eligible to enter the draw.

Holding of Draw

7. The draw will be made by a method deemed appropriate by the Board supervised by an independent scrutineer.  The credit union reserves the right to cancel the draw at any time due to unforeseen circumstances.

8. Approximately two weeks prior to the draw date, between five and ten winners are selected at random by computer from the register of draw entrants, depending on the level of funds available for the draw.  Each winner will be notified by letter which will include a copy of the rules of the draw and invited to attend the credit union (or other such alternative venue at the discretion of the Board of Directors).  Each of the winners will be asked to choose from a selection of envelopes containing confirmation of a selection of cash prize amounts. 

9. As a general rule, the draw will take place in the public area of the credit union office, although a draw may also take place at another venue at the discretion of the board of directors. 

10. If a member is unable to attend a draw they may appoint a representative to attend in their place.  In the event of a member not turning up for the draw, the credit union may select someone to play on behalf of the member.

11. The participants’ names and photographs may be used for promotion purposes. Furthermore, the participants may be asked to help RCU with additional promotion activities.

12. RCU reserves the right to cancel the draw if any issue arises during the draw process, that RCU warrants the draw should be canceled in the interests of all parties.  All results in such a situation from the first draw will be deemed to be null and void and a new draw will be arranged.


13. The prize will be given to the participant whose name is picked to be the winning member regardless of whether such participant has signed in trust or on behalf of a joint account or on behalf of an association.

14. The value of the prize will be lodged to the winning member account number on the following working day.


15. In the event that a winning member is a person who is in arrears or in default in carrying out any financial commitment/obligation to the Credit Union, the Board will withhold delivery of the prize won by the member until the arrears have been paid or the default rectified. The Board shall be entitled to pay over to the winning member the net proceeds only after deducting any such arrears or paying any monies required to remedy such default.


16. The decision of the Board of Directors of Roscrea Credit Union Limited concerning the interpretation of the foregoing rules pertaining to the draw, or any matter arising from the draw, will be final and not subject to appeal.

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